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Jetex ABC-50 All Purpose Degreaser and Clener
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Product Details

Type Cleaner
Appearance Liquid
Color Blue
Odor Fresh Pine
Density 1.0-1.10 gm/cc
Flash Point Nil
Vapor Density NA
pH 10.5-12.5
Evaporation Rat That of Water
Solubility in Water Complete
Packaging 1 Liter, 5 Liter, 30 Liter Container
Shelf Life 12 Months from Date of Manufacture in Sealed Condition

JETEX ABC-50 CLEANER is a multipurpose, non-abrasive, aqueous, biodegradable, cleaner / degreaser which can be further diluted with water to meet various cleaning applications.

It aggressively attacks and removes grease, oil, dirt, sludge and other light contaminants and allows to be rinsed off with water.

It does not contain any ozone depleting chemicals or chlorinated solvents and equals performance of solvent-based cleaners.

Suitable for mechanical components washing and degreasing applications.


  • Removes oil, grease, dirt & sludge deposits
  • Biodegradable & leaves no residue
  • Multipurpose foaming formula
  • Nonflammable & non-abrasive
  • Equals performance of solvent based degreasers

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Jetex HDG-86 Fast Evaporating Cleaner & Degreaser
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Product Details

Packaging 400 Ml Aerosol Spray , 5 Liter, 30 Liter Container
Shelf Life Bulk - 12 Months from Date of Manufacture in Sealed Condition Aerosol - 24 Months from Date of Manuf

Fast evaporating, residue free, cleaner / degreaser for fast removal of contaminants from metal surfaces; free of chlorinated solvents

JETEX HDG-86 is a non chlorinated, fast drying cleaner / degreaser for mechanical cleaning applications as a alternative for chlorinated solvents like CTC, 1,1,1 Trichloroethane. Safety standards from both, worker health as well as environmental, prohibit the use of chlorinated solvents like CTC or 1,1,1 TCE.

JETEX HDG-86 rapidly penetrates through grease, oil, dirt, dust and other contaminants and cleans equipment fast. It has a pleasant citrus odor, fast evaporation rate and does not leave any residue. JETEX HDG-86 cleans metal surfaces effectively due its superior penetrating and wetting ability.

It does not contain any CFC’s, chlorinated solvents or ozone depleting chemicals and is suitable fo...


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